The Loveless Connection

A number of people have recently asked me about my connection to Bob Loveless and the use of his signature logo on my knives. There have also been several speculations floating around the knife circuit, but none of them have been close to accurate so I decided to create this page in an effort to set the record straight.

The whole thing started a couple years ago when a friend and knife collector, Jack Lucarelli, asked John Young and me if we would like to visit the Loveless shop. Jack is a collector of Loveless knives and a close friend of both Bob Loveless and Jim Merritt. John and I were happy to accept the invitation and had a great time with Jack, Bob and Jim.

I was intrigued by what I saw going on in the shop and wanted to learn more about how Bob and Jim make knives. During my next visit to the shop Bob told me I was welcome to trace any of the patterns in the shop. I wasted no time in running out to a local art store for a sketch pad and began tracing patterns.

Jack asked me to make some of the Loveless designs for him. When the knives were finished he showed them to Bob. Jack asked Bob if he would allow the use of the R.W. Loveless signature logo on the reverse side of the blade, opposite my own logo. Surprisingly, Bob agreed and the signature logo was applied there in the Loveless shop to the first few knives I had made for Jack.

I now have stencils of Bob's signature and apply them myself to the Loveless designed knives that I make for Jack. The logo only goes on the knives made for Jack because he's the one who made the arrangements with Bob. Jack keeps some of the knives for his collection and sells the others. There aren't very many out there circulating around, but one comes up occasionally.